Wollongong welcomes a festival of performance anywhere but a theatre and anywhere but a gallery.

Anywhere Theatre Festival Wollongong will be a festival of performance anywhere but a theatre that explore the local nooks and crannies of Wollongong’s City Centre with performance.

This event is supported by Destination Wollongong, Wollongong City Council and Wollongong Central.

We are aiming for a festival at twenty different locations within a couple of blocks of the Crown Street Mall with 20-30 different shows, 5,000 tickets sold and 15,000 experiencing the festival through free and online activities.

REGISTRATIONS ARE NOW OPEN until until 26 March for performers of all kinds including producers, artists, businesses and residential hosts to be involved in the Anywhere Festival.

Local and visiting performing artists can take creative risks without the financial risks, so local businesses can introduce new customers to their businesses and audiences can have the experience of their life seeing performance and exploring Wollongong at the same time.

Contact Tim Monley direct on 0433 662 597 or thegong@anywherefest.com with any questions.