‘Look Up’ and find the ‘Bilby Burrow’ Sculpture – Crown St Mall


Have you seen the Bilby Burrow sculpture made from recycled timber?

Located in the Crown Street Mall, suspended high up under a walkway (opposite the entrance to H&M), the ‘Bilby Burrow’ is an artwork created from recycled timber by artist Elyssa Sykes-Smith.  Bilby Burrow aims to encourage the audience to explore the site, to stop, look upwards and engage with their imagination.

This sculpture was installed in two-stages, which involved the vision of the artist in creating the base sculpture and also engaging children in workshops whereby they painted pieces of the timber which were then added to the artwork to form part of the sculpture.
Bilby Burrow raises awareness about the important role the bilby plays in Australia particularly through it’s burrowing habits, and about the sad fact that the bilby is an endangered species, under threat of extinction.