Renew Wollongong Creative Container

Lower Crown Street Mall

About Renew Wollongong

This program aims to bring life into empty commercial spaces by working with creative business enterprises and property owners in the Crown Street Mall Precinct to enhance vibrancy and introduce new ideas and experiences.

Renew Wollongong welcome interest for vacant commercial properties to be activated, as well as expressions of interest for creative projects, businesses and social enterprises looking to trial their idea in a commercial space.

If you have an empty commercial space in Wollongong CBD please contact Renew Wollongong Project Manager Alice Henchion on wollongong@renewaustralia.org

If you have a creative project you would like to trial, please submit your expression of interest.

Renew Wollongong is funded by Wollongong City Council.

Renew Wollongong and Wollongong City Council brings ‘UNCONTAINABLE’ Creative Space

An interactive space for creative and fun ideas where community members can gather, learn, enjoy and be inspired!

Wollongong Council’s creative container will showcase a dynamic range of concepts from Renew Wollongong participants.

A rotating program of artists, creators and makers will transform the empty container through exhibitions, events, and workshops – all open to the community.

Local creative entrepreneurs have the opportunity to use the space to test their ideas and progress beyond, becoming ‘uncontainable’….