Busking in the Crown Street Mall

Busking is allowed in Crown Street Mall – all you need is an Activity permit!  Busking permits are available for $10 Daily Fee and $5 for a Half Day Fee

Busking permits for the Crown Street Mall can be purchased at the Visitor Centre (iHUB) at 93 Crown St, Wollongong.  For all other enquiries contact the City Centre team on 02 4227 7778 during business hours or email citycentre@wollongong.nsw.gov.au

Visitor Centre (iHUB) Opening hours

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

Saturdays 10am – 3pm

Sunday and Public Holidays CLOSED

The following conditions apply to Busking permit holders within the Crown Street Mall
  1. The permit issued MUST be displayed in a visible place by the person whilst in the Crown Street Mall
  2. The permit shall be made available for inspection upon request by an authorised officer of Wollongong City Council, Crown Street Mall security or a member of the Police Force upon demand of that officer or member
  3. Any person(s) to whom a permit has been issued, shall at all times whilst in the Crown Street Mall:
    • Present him/herself in clean and tidy manner with shoes being worn at all times.
    • Not use abusive, offensive or indecent language or behave in an abusive, offensive or indecent manner.
    • Obey all lawful directions given by an authorised officer of Wollongong City Council, Crown Street Mall security or a member of the Police Force.
    • Ensure that the permit activities do not interfere with or cause a nuisance to other people using the mall.
    • Conduct activities in the area indicated on the permit only.
    • Ensure that all set up and dismantling of items and materials is devoid of hazard, and any electrical components are tagged and equipment in good working order.
    • Ensure that the allocated area is left clean and tidy.
    • If under 12 years of age, be constantly supervised by a parent/guardian.
  4. The permit is not transferable.
  5. Any damage(s) caused to a member of the public arising from activities of a person(s) to whom a permit has been issued will be the responsibility of the holder of this permit.
  6. All activities are required to keep to their allocated area and must be confined to within a 2 metre radius of the designated location and 1.8 meters from the property line of any business.

Non-compliance with the conditions of the busking permit and unacceptable busking activities can be reported to Wollongong City Council’s, City Centre Team Centre on 4227 7778 or 4227 7111. Our staff will investigate each complaint received and take appropriate action.

Parental Consent

We welcome performers of all ages to apply to busk in the Mall, but if you’re under 18, you’ll need to get parental consent before applying. Please download the form below and make sure you attach it to your application.



For busking enquiries outside of Crown Street Mall, contact Wollongong City Council’s Customer Service 4227 7111.