Breakout Bar & Escape Rooms might just be one of Wollongong’s most unique bars! With a hole in the wall style entry that opens into funky steampunk decor lounge, challenging escape rooms that are sure to put your minds to the test and awesome karaoke rooms, Breakout Bar is one of the coolest local bars south of Sydney.

For many local businesses, the uncertainty of changing COVID-19 restrictions has been a true test of strength these past few months. Luckily Breakout Bar is used to thinking outside the box!

Mitchell Bloomfield, Breakout Bar Manager, comments on how this local business worked with Wollongong’s strong restaurant and dining community to stay open:

“Our community and regulars have been so supportive of our efforts during lock down, it’s been amazing. We ran two cocktail live-stream classes with kits you could buy to join in with us, both of which were huge hits, and we offered cocktail delivery which also went brilliantly.”

For the past couple of months, Breakout Bar has been delivering ready-to-go cocktails. Simply shake and decant into your glass of choice and enjoy in the comfort of your own home!

“We also teamed up with His Boy Elroy, Kneading Ruby, and Owl Capones at various points with cocktail partnerships. Thanks to the support we were able to work on new projects while we were closed down!”

“Everything has its own little community in Wollongong that I just haven’t found in other places.”

“In our case, the hospitality community has really rallied around each other to support businesses in anyway they could, from partnerships to simply buying a beer or meal. It doesn’t feel like we’re competing with each other, it feels like we’re working together to all become better for our guests.”

Breakout Bar is now open on Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm as an option for anyone in need of a fantastic bar experience. They’re offering a new table service model plus a new cocktail menu!

For now the escape rooms & karaoke rooms will remain closed but keep an eye on their Facebook page for the latest updates.

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Check out the steampunk decor next time you visit this fantastic Wollongong bar!