Vegan and vegetarian diets are fast becoming more and more popular here in Wollongong with many local cafés adding plant-based alternatives to their menus that look and taste delicious.

We’re talking more than just a simple toasted sandwich or sad salad tacked on to the end of the menu.  Wollongong locals are proud to boast about the growing number of eateries, cafés, restaurants, dessert shops and more that are offering creative and tasty food that will satisfy any vegan (or vegetarian) taste bud!

To save you time and help you plan ahead here’s our list of Wollongong eateries that are offering great vegan and vegetarian options that are drool-worthy!

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Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch Ideas
Lunch & Dinners in Wollongong CBD
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Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch Ideas

Ariel’s Wollongong

1 Railway Station Square, Wollongong
Craving a burger and fries? Ariel’s Wollongong has three “Beyond” vegan burgers on the menu for you to enjoy. Next time you visit make sure you try their Beyond Classic Burger, Beyond Cheeseburger or the Beyond Avo & Mushroom Burger.

An Chut Chut

87a Crown Street, Wollongong
Serving vegan meals Monday to Friday, An Chut Chut is a little hole-in-the-way café which is slowly building a dedicated Wollongong fan-base. Serving traditional Vietnamese foods including favourites such as fresh paper rolls, stir-fried rice noodles, buns and soups that are both delicious and good for you.

The menu, hand-written in a small notebook, changes nearly every day but there are always vegan options that are sure to satisfy.

Lettuce B. Frank

337 Crown Street, Wollongong
Lettuce B. Frank is a wholefoods café specializing in freshly made baked good and foods made from locally sourced, mostly organic produce.  All their products are made from scratch, even the sauces!

Open from 6am to cater to the busy train commuters, Lettuce B. Frank is ready to help you start your day with a vegan hot chocolate, vegan cheese burger or vegan big brekky! There are loads of options to choose from so next time you visit Wollongong by train, drop by this local café and treat yourself to something extra delicious.

Lower East Café

70 Crown Street, Wollongong
Open seven days a week, Lower East Café is a local Wollongong café that offers a fantastic menu based on fresh and seasonal produce.

Choose between great vegan dishes such as Spice Oat Porridge, Avocado on Toast, Coconut Panna Cotta or a Coal Coast Roast (roast parsnip, roast dutch carrots, crispy peas, pangritata, pickled green beans, red pepper and smoked eggplant).

Quay Canteen

157 Crown Street, Wollongong
Overlooking Crown Street Mall, Quay Canteen offers friendly service and great Vietnamese street food. This is a great café to visit as a break from a day of shopping in Wollongong. Best of all there are plenty of vegan and vegetarian options to choose from.

For breakfast try a bowl of their House Made Granola filled with coyo yogurt, compote, seasonal fruit and your choice of milk alternative. If you swing by at lunch, give the Satay Baguette a try and enjoy a fresh baguette filled with tofu, cucumber, pickled carrots, lettuce, spring onions and topped with peanuts and satay sauce.

Lunch & Dinners in Wollongong

Balinese Spice Magic

130 Keira Street, Wollongong
Balinese Spice Magic is all about serving the freshest produce and ingredients. Sourcing ingredients such as sugar cane, kaffir lime leaves and greens straight from their home permaculture garden, Balinese Spice Magic also sources local produce from the Urban Grown Sustainable Farm in Warrawong run by Green Connect.

Although not a wholly vegan or vegetarian restaurant, Balinese Spice Magic offers a range of vegan options that are sure to please. Enjoy traditional Balinese foods such as Tahu base barak – stir fry tofu with chilies, garlic and black mushrooms. Or Lawar Tempeh and Edamame beans – sliced chickpea tempeh and Edamame tossed in shallots, turmeric, ginger, garlic, chilies and roasted coconut.

Cedar’s Kitchen

Shop 3, 123-125 Corrimal Street, Wollongong
Cedar’s Kitchen is a must-visit for authentic Lebanese & Mediterranean Cuisine. Lebanese food is traditionally served to share, so this is one Wollongong restaurant you should definitely bring friends and family to.

Serving a smorgasbord of authentic Mediterranean cuisine, Cedar’s Kitchen offers a variety of small dishes such as spicy potatoes, grilled haloumi (vegetarian), fried cauliflower, chargrilled eggplant and golden, flaky pastry spinach triangles.

Grill’d Wollongong

Wollongong Central Shopping Centre, Wollongong
If you haven’t heard it by now, Grill’d is offering a new Beyond Burger with a totally plant-based patty that looks, tastes and smells just like meat. This is a perfect option for the vegans and vegetarians that crave something a little more like the original.

If that’s not for you, Grill’d also has an excellent range of chips (potato, sweet potato and zucchini) as well as plant-based veggie patties, vegan cheese and vegan mayo!

Kneading Ruby

5 Crown Lane, Wollongong
Tucked away from view in Crown Laneway, Kneading Ruby offers the best of traditional Italian foods with authentic woodfire pizzas and bespoke dishes that are made to share.

For vegans and vegetarians, there is plenty to choose from including mouth-watering dishes such as polenta chips (vegetarian), roasted zucchini, Cavatelli Ragu, Mushroom Pizza, fried olives (vegetarian), Gnocchi (vegetarian) and crispy garlic bread.

Mylan Restaurant

193 Keira Street, Wollongong
Mylan Restaurant is another Wollongong favourite offering Vietnamese cuisine and friendly service. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options to choose from including dishes such as steam dim sims, Vietnamese pancakes, Vermicelli Salad, Vietnamese Sweet & Sour Soup (vegetarian), Sizzling Tofu and fresh Rice Paper Rolls.

Plant Based Eatery

Find at Friday Forage Market or Eat Street Market – Crown Street Mall, Wollongong
If you love market street foods but worry about finding vegan (or vegetarian) options, look no further than Plant Based Eatery! Plant Based Eatery is a regular Friday Forage Market and Thursday Night Eat Street Market favourite, selling Thai inspired vegan street foods that are just as delicious as they are healthy.

Now that both Wollongong markets are back, you’ve got no excuse not to swing by Wollongong CBD for all your favourite Thai vegan dishes – think Choo Chee, Sweet & Sour, Cashew Nut, Chilli Chicken (vegan), Satay Skewers and Popcorn Chicken (vegan)! 

Something Sweet


219 Crown Street, Wollongong
There’s no better sweet treat than a big scoop of ice-cream on a hot day – or really any weather! Luckily Gelatissimo has created a range of vegan dairy-free sorbets such as Sun-Kissed Coconut – a tropically refreshing vegan sorbet that melts on the tongue.

Vegan flavours can change from time to time with new promotional vegan flavours offered throughout the year so make sure you ask staff when you visit the store to find out what’s available.

San Churro Chocolateria Wollongong

Globe Lane, Wollongong
San Churro Chocolateria is your go to for when you’re craving a vegan dessert. With so many great vegan options to choose from you’ll need to visit this Wollongong dessert shop more than once!

Enjoy hot and cinnamon dusted Churros dipped in vegan chocolate sauce or order a scoop of vegan e-cream drizzled with chocolate fruit and Oreos. For those who have desperately missed milkshakes and ice chocolates, try the Vegan Choco Loco drink made with vegan milk chocolate.